An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

Character: Lulu Danger

Directed by: Jim Hosking

Written by: Jim Hosking, David Wike

Produced by: Sam Bisbee, Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill, Andrew Starke, Lucan Toh

Cast Members: Emile Hirsch, Jemaine Clement, Matt Berry

Released date: October 19, 2018

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes

Lulu Danger's unsatisfying marriage takes a turn for the worse when a mysterious man from her past comes to town to perform an event called "An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn; For One Magical Night Only."

→ A love triangle with too many sides.
→ Only one show has everyone talking and going a little crazy.

Script developed by Never Enough Design