Site History
  • Site Name: Aubrey Plaza Online
  • Site URLs:,,,, and
  • Established: June 2009
  • Re-opened: July 2020
  • Founder/Webmaster: Jennifer

Aubrey Plaza Online was originally established in June 2009, using the name Aubrey Plaza Online and the domain The fan site operated for six years until August 2015, when it closed due to personal life issues I needed to deal with. During the site hiatus, I continued to follow Aubrey’s career and missed running a fan site for her. Finally, after my personal situation had improved enough that I was able to begin working on re-starting this fansite, I re-opened the website in July 2020 at the new name Aubrey Plaza Web and domain In 2022, I was able to reclaim the name Aubrey Plaza Online during a site merge with I hope that what I have created at entertains other fans of Aubrey and serves as the largest and most complete resource chronicling Aubrey’s career.

Site Contributors

A special Thank You goes out to the generous people who have donated their time, resources, or moral support to help me create and maintain Aubrey Plaza Online.

Site Recognitions

Aubrey Plaza Online (located at was featured in an episode of Welcome to Sweden that Aubrey guest-starred in August 2014.