Aubrey is set to be a guest on the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” next week, on July 31st!

Jimmy Kimmel must have made a deal with “Funny People.” ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” will feature a cast member from Universal’s upcoming comedy each night next week.

Actress Leslie Mann (“Knocked Up”) will appear on Tuesday, July 28th. Jonah Hill, of “Superbad” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” fame, also stars and will appear on Wednesday, July 29th.

Funnyman Seth Rogen will appear on the Thursday, July 30th edition of the program. Actress Aubrey Plaza, of NBC’s “Parks & Recreation,” also stars in the film and appears on the show on Friday, July 31st.

The show airs on the ABC network at midnight, but make sure you check your local TV listings for the exact air times in your city!