Now that “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” has wrapped principal photography, the movie’s many cast members are starting to talk about their work on the Edgar Wright-directed comic book adaptation. Today, actress Aubrey Plaza is getting in on that action.

Plaza plays Julie Powers in “Scott Pilgrim,” the occasional girlfriend of Scott’s band mate Stephen Stills. The actress spoke with Making Of about the film’s “perfectly” weird faithfulness to the Bryan Lee O’Malley-created graphic novels. “There’s a lot of weird, really perfectly casted people,” said Plaza. “Alison Pill really looks like Kim Pine, Michael [Cera] really looks like Scott Pilgrim in a weird way, so everybody kind of weirdly looks like their character. You almost feel like it was meant to be.”

The actress is perhaps best known for her role in last summer’s “Funny People,” and while Plaza had plenty of comedy to wade through in “Scott Pilgrim,” she admitted that there was an entirely new element for her in the movie’s action component. “It’s kind of a crazy movie because it’s a comedy, but it’s also an action film,” she said. “It was a different way of working—a lot more technical, not a lot of improv. There’s no room to improvise when there’s a blue screen and camera craning at these weird times. You have to really be hitting all of the beats and everything. So it was a learning experience for me, because I’m used to kind of just saying whatever I want.”

And who says learning can’t be fun? Certainly not Plaza, who had nothing but great things to say about filming the comic book movie. “It was really fun,” she said. “Edgar is awesome. He’s really great. Everyone in the cast was really great—they’re all a combination of really funny but also really great actors.”

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