Will Arnett and Jason Bateman unveiled the first digital short from their production company DumbDumb and Ben Silverman’s Electus on Thursday, as part of Internet Week New York.

“The Prom Date,” starring Arnett, Bateman, Rachael Harris, and Aubrey Plaza, became available on YouTube earlier today and tells the story of two parents (Bateman and Harris) getting their daughter ready for her senior prom. Of course, she’s not going with just some boy, she’s going with Skip, her soulmate, a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many a parent. Bateman’s wary of Skip’s intentions, commenting on how boys these days “know how to act all polite, and before you know it they’ve got their Facebook all up in your Twitter.” Major laughs (and creepiness) ahead.

Co-produced by Orbit gum and Energy BBDO, “The Prom Date” is part of an ongoing series called OrbitDirtyShorts, which will use calculated product placement of the gum to ‘clean up’ various “dirty” situations.

Are you looking forward to more digital shorts from DumbDumb? Is there ever a situation where Will Arnett can’t make you laugh?

From Pop Watch