Her Beauty Routine For Her Day Off: “When I’m not working, I dream about the day that I can wake up and not have to put makeup on, because I have to put makeup on for my job. I don’t really wear makeup. If I’m still going to lunch or something, I’d say I would maybe put on some mascara. Mascara is kind of my go-to thing if I had to do one thing. I always use moisturizer.”

How she makes up for not drinking enough water: “Everyone’s secret weapon is always water, and I’m like, ‘God it’s so boring to drink water.’ But I do have to say, I’ve started to get really into tea, and that’s helped me with hydration. You forget you’re drinking water because you’re drinking something that’s a little more fun. I find that when I’m really in a groove with drinking a lot of tea all day long, my skin gets a lot better and it breaks out less.”

The best lesson she learned from pal Johanna Peet, founder of Peet Rivko: “I think I fell for the ‘all natural’ marketing, and I thought, ‘Oh any essential oils or any products that have those things in it must be really good for my skin,’ because they’re coming from plants and flowers and nuts and seeds and everything. What she taught me was that even though some products contain ingredients that are from nature, they can still really irritate your skin and be a problem for your skin. That’s why she’s introducing the idea of next-level natural, which is, it’s natural but not irritable. I’ve learned that picking up a product that has essential oils in it and smells amazing may not be the best for my skin, even though I want it to be because it smells really good.”

The beauty rule she hates to break: “I heard that going to bed without washing your face ages your skin like crazy. I don’t know where I read that—maybe Coveteur. But ever since I read that I have nightmares. I’m like, ‘Oh god, I don’t need any help with aging. Please.’ Even if I’m really grumpy, I try to still wash my face. My last resort would be a face wipe. But when I’m using face wipes before I go to bed, I’m like, ‘Damn, I really hit it hard tonight. You really went for it this time.’”

The item she makes sure to pack for vacation: “I always pack oil. I don’t know why. I want oil. I’m always like, well, I can [always] use the hotel moisturizer. But they never have oils.”