TIME “It’s beautiful. Should I take a picture for my Instagram?” Aubrey Plaza stands up to snap an iPhone photo of the avocado toast that’s just arrived at our table. She carefully moves our water glasses to declutter the shot, which she says she’ll post the week her new movie, Ingrid Goes West, hits theaters. In the film, her character also uploads a perfect portrait of the overpriced green grub to her Instagram, with the aim of impressing a social-media influencer she wants to befriend. Now Plaza shakes her head and laughs, saying, “This is stupid.” She’s humoring me, because I’ve asked her to meet me–in honor of the film’s theme of millennial social-media obsession–at lower Manhattan’s CafĂ© Gitane, the birthplace of the food trend that’s become an Instagram cliche.


“I want to be Catwoman more than anything,” Plaza says, eyes widening, when I ask her what she wants to do next. “I made myself Catwoman in Ingrid,”–she’s referring to some bedroom role-playing with co-star O’Shea Jackson Jr., who plays Ingrid’s Batman-infatuated landlord–“because I was like, This might be as close as I get.”

I ask what she’d be doing if she weren’t in show business, and she says she’d be an agent. “I’m always telling other people what they should do in their careers,” she explains. But then she says that’s a cheap response, since agents are acting adjacents, and settles on an alternative: “Maybe I would run a haunted bed-and-breakfast somewhere and be a weird hotel woman.”

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