You probably don’t associate the name Aubrey Plaza with dramatic thrillers. Perhaps we should. In the feature film debut from filmmaker John Patton Ford, Emily the Criminal gives the actress one of her most exciting roles to date (read our rave review). Ms. Plaza is exceptional. In it, she portrays Emily, a young woman caught up in a credit card debt scheme. The film also stars Theo Rossi, Barnardo Badillo, Jonathan Avigdori, and Gina Gershon. Ford has crafted a smart and tense feature. And one with a nice change of pace for the film’s leading lady.

We recently sat down with both Aubrey Plaza and Theo Rossi I’ve spoken to Aubrey a few times in the past, and this was my favorite interview that I’ve done with the actress. It was a nice conversation between both Aubrey and her co-star, Mr. Rossi, who I shared a little Sons of Anarchy love with.

Emily the Criminal is an engaging little ride, and it’s well worth checking out.