Welcome to The White Lotus — or maybe we should say Benvenuto! For fans who fell in love with HBO’s hit dark comedy, the show’s second season can’t come soon enough.

While viewers await the premiere, reportedly slated for this October, HBO and the season’s cast members have been dropping some crumbs as to what’s in store when the show heads to the south of Italy.

As one of the new faces joining the show, Aubrey Plaza told ET’s Cassie DiLaura she’s been wanting to work with The White Lotus’ creator, Mike White. “To be brought into that family,” Plaza says,”…it’s everything to me.” Plaza will reportedly play Harper Spiller, a woman vacationing with her husband and some friends.

In the midst of continued hype around the show more than a year after its debut (hello, 11 Emmy nominations), Plaza assured fans will be getting something fresh with the second season in Sicily.

“I know it’s a lot to live up to, but Mike is so good about making the second season different,” she says. “It’s still The White Lotus, but now it’s in Italy, so it has a totally different vibe and so, I think people are going to be surprised.”

One thing fans love about the show that is going to be back? Another performance from Jennifer Coolidge. The beloved actress, who plays Tanya McQuoid, is confirmed to be returning, along with her on-screen lover from the first season, Greg (played by Jon Gries).

“She’s exactly like what you want her to be,” Plaza says of Coolidge. “She’s hilarious… I was in awe of just being around her. She’s iconic.”

While the countdown to Lotus continues, fans don’t have to wait for the show to take a trip to Italy with Plaza. She headed there also for her latest movie, Spin Me Round, directed by her husband, Jeff Baena, and co-starring Alison Brie and fellow Lotus alum, Molly Shannon.

“It’s always hard to work with your partner, but I think, who can direct me best, you know?” she says of Baena. “He knows me the best and so, it’s fun.”

Spin Me Round is in theaters, on VOD, and streaming on AMC+ on Friday.

Source: ET Online